Maeve shown in Champagne
Rent for $108.00-$113.00

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Brooke shown in Taupe
Rent for $60.00-$65.00

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Karina from our J&L Designs Collection
Rent for $53.00-$68.00

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Open Front Maternity Gown
Open Front Maternity Gown
Open Front Maternity Gown

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Sew Trendy Accessories

Mii Estilo

Mii Estilo

J&L Designs Boutique

J&L Designs Boutique

Fillyboo Maternity

Fillyboo Maternity

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Wonder Years

Handcrafted and hand-embroidered with intricate details, it’s no wonder why this Fillyboo piece is our most popular rental dress. Achieve an effortless, free-spirited look, a perfect maternity photoshoot dress.


The Magnolia maxi dress features mesh lace and detailed lace trims. Perfect touches for effortless boho style in maternity pictures. Complete your maternity session look with this dreamy rental gown.


The Hellebore by Mii Estilo is a picture of elegance. Belle Chiffon sleeves give this pregnancy dress a distinct graceful feel. This flowy dress is sure to bring a powerful glow to maternity photos.

Lace Maternity Dress

Beautify your baby bump in this lace maternity dressMama Bump Rentals makes maternity dress rental simple so you can focus on what’s important: making more memories. Rent this perfect dress for a maternity shoot.

How does it work?


Select your style

Extravagant evening wear, flowy casual dress, and anything in between: we believe you should enjoy a beautiful pregnancy dress at all times, without breaking the bank. Choose from dozens of rental gowns in custom maternity styles and colors.


Choose size and fit

Need to rent a maternity dress? Look at our gown size charts. Most Mama Bump maternity gowns are measured by the rib cage or bottom of the bra line.



Select a maternity dress rental start date that works best for you. We recommend a start date that is a few days before your event or maternity photo shoot. You will be charged a rental fee once you reserve your dress. You can rent a pregnancy gown for up to five days.


Return your dress!

Use your enclosed prepaid label to easily package and return your dress to us. No-wash or dry cleaning needed. We take care of that for you.

Photographers Program

Professional Photographer?
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Karina with Full Lining shown in Champagne
Rent for $60-$68

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Odette shown in Royal Blue
Rent for $65.00-$68.00

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What to Wear for a Maternity Photoshoot

Planning your maternity photoshoot outfit? There are a lot of different directions you can go, but there’s nothing quite like a maternity photoshoot dress to capture the beauty of this season. Mama Bump Rentals carries a variety of maternity gown style options like a boho maternity dress, maternity maxi dress, and more so you can customize your maternity shoot look. It’s important to find a comfortable maternity photo shoot dress that beautifies your baby bump for timeless maternity pictures.

Check out our maternity photo dresses for formal wear, baby shower, special occasion, weddings, maternity photography, and pregnancy reveals that fit your lifestyle and budget. Rent a maternity dress or book a maternity photo session on our site.