10 Unique Ideas For A Maternity Photo Shoot

Maternity photo shoots are a perfect way to memorialize a pregnancy. The ideal time to schedule maternity photos is between 28 and 35 weeks to allow the baby belly to be prominently displayed on film. There are many different photo styles expecting moms can choose from that venture outside traditional baby bump shots. Check out these unique maternity photos ideas.

1. Seek Out Meaningful Backdrops

Maternity photos are often shot in front of nature, such as greenery, water features, or rock formations. While arbitrary nature backdrops can be beyond beautiful, consider a backdrop that provides meaning to you and your partner, such as the place you first met or shared your first kiss.

2. Shoot in the Evening

The right lighting can really bring your maternity photos to life. Consider scheduling your pregnancy photo shoot in the evening at what photographers call the “golden hour.” Right before sunset, the camera is able to capture the beautiful gold hues cast by the setting sun.

3. Slide into a Milk Bath

Looking to take photos in the comfort of your own home? Set up a photo shoot in your bathroom. Create a milk bath with a cornstarch and powdered milk mixture, position yourself peeking out from the water’s surface, and have your partner or photographer strategically place flowers around your body.

4. Take a Classic Silhouette Shot

A classic silhouette involves standing sideways, back straight, baby bump out, and hands cradling the bump. Dimmed lighting and a grayish backdrop can create a memorable outline of your growing belly.

5. Rent a Maternity Dress

Replicate the high-fashion maternity shoots you see in magazines without having to spend a bundle on new clothes. Rent a maternity dress from Mama Bump Rentals and choose from dozens of designer maternity dresses and gowns for your maternity photos. When you’re done, just return the dress with the enclosed prepaid label. So easy!

6. Share Favorite Hobbies

Maternity photos are mostly about baby, but who says you can’t share some tidbits about yourself? Consider taking photos that represent a favorite hobby, such as reading, writing, cooking, or crafting.

7. Snap Some Growing Family Photos

If this is not your first baby, take the time to snap some pictures of your growing family. Include your partner and other children in the shoot. Make the photoshoot a fun and playful experience with plenty of natural smiles and laughs.

8. Display an Important Memento

In a photo, put the focus on something of significance as you and your partner hold hands in the background. This item could be a positive pregnancy test, the first pair of baby shoes you purchased, or the baby’s “coming home” outfit.

9. Ask for Plenty of Candids

The best maternity photos are not always the ones you would expect. Candid photos that are not posed and perfected can be just as beautiful. Whether you’re lounging in a chair or laughing with a friend, candid pictures are a great way to document your pregnancy.

10. Use Seasonal Backdrops and Props

Have a baby due in the fall? Consider a backdrop with fall leaves or pumpkins. Maybe you’re having a summer baby. Splash around in the water or lay on the soft green grass. Use the beautiful colors and natural props in nature to enhance your photos.

Relax and Have Fun

The most important tip for taking maternity photos is to simply relax and have some fun. Take your time while planning this special occasion and you’re sure to fall in love with your maternity photos. Check out Lisa Reid’s article on what to wear for maternity photoshoots! She gives great pointers on other ways to get the most out of your special moment!